Basket Filters

EMP Basket Filters

In response to customer demand, EMP has developed its own brand of EMP Basket Filters. Industrial basket strainers or basket bag filters are made to remove solids from liquids that are being processed.

From the filter housing to filter bags and cartridges, we provide everything that you might need to maintain a reliable liquid filtration system. As the OEM, we are thoroughly committed to our products’ technical performance and our customer satisfaction.

EMP basket filters protect your equipment as they remove solid contaminant particles from the liquid and piping system. This is accomplished by using a perforated mesh straining screen set in a vertically oriented chamber. All EMP basket strainers are made of Stainless Steel.


EMP basket filters come in 3 sizes:

  • EBF 4-18
  • Filter size: 4 inch diameter x 18 inch long
  • Maximum flow rate: 50 GPM
  • EBF 8-24:
  • Filter size: 8 inch diameter x 24 inch long
  • Maximum flow rate: 100 GPM
  • EBF 8-36:
  • Filter size: 8 inch diameter x 36 inch long
  • Maximum flow rate: 220 GPM

Note: Overall dimensions do not include mounting bracket


  • Quick opening cover – no tools required
  • Easy removable and washable filter bag
  • Adjustable height via mounting bracket
  • Small footprint
  • Maximum operation pressure 125psi
  • Two (2) x 2” ports, Two (2) x ¼“ gauge port, One (1) x ½“ drainage port
  • 1-Year Warranty


  • By-pass for in-operation change
  • Dual gauge (in/out) to monitor water pressure
  • Pressure discharge valve
  • Flow meter
  • Filter bag – 100/120 microns

Basket Filters

Note: For basket filters accessories (elbows, hose barbs, valves, etc.) click here.

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EMP Distribution & Services