EVM Single Stage Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps with Motor

The single stage rotating pump will create a steady vacuum from 0.98 to 26 inHg. Ideal for small to medium size applications or for any type of industrial needs where it is required a constant vacuum that does not surpass an air suction of 105.9 CFM. EVM pumps do not need a high volume of liquid to achieve a high vacuum level.


  • Single stage rotating pump
  • Electrical motor ball bearings
  • Single mechanical seal
  • Direct mono-block
  • Electric motors
  • Threaded entry and exit ports


  • Sound dampening system
  • Flow regulating valve
  • Vacuum relief valve
  • Solenoid valve for service water line



Note: For pump accessories (elbows, hose barbs, valves, etc.) click here. (Plumbing)

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EMP Distribution & Services